Bus Driver 1 Free Download

Bus Driver 1 Free Download


If you ever dreamed of taking control of their own bus, check the bus driver.

Bus Driver is a surprisingly fun simulator in which your task is to transport passengers around the urban environment. It’s your job to stay on schedule, obey traffic rules and make sure they do not break or hurt passengers. The bus driver must be realistic. But there NoSuch a game, although there are five different skill levels, and begins bonusesApprovaltraffic rules and sticking with the program,

There are five buses quelevar a huge urban environment with different neighborhoods, 30 tracks and different weather conditions, varying according to the time of day. There are several types of buses that connect to a bus driver, as a school bus, tour bus, tourist bus, and even the bus transportation of prisoners. the whole environment of the bus drivers is even more realistic thanks to the AI ​​system that teaches courtesytheir driving habits.

Vector graphics are a bit block and basic, and the gameplay can be very boring, but for calqueraque a fan bus or just a driver simulator in general, Bus Driver is a lot of fun.

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  2. Bus Driver 1 x64-x86 installer Free Download

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