Connectify Hotspot 2016 Portable download

Connectify Hotspot 2016 Portable download


Connectify Hotspot to create your computer in a Wi-Fi hotspot to share other computers, smartphones and tablets with you.

Make a connection

Connectify Hotspot recognizes the network card on your computer and automatically set as the hotspot and enter the network name and password. When you click Start Hotspot, you will be “” access point so that the device is connected to a password To negomozhe. Tab “Client” will be what devices are connected toShow your hotspot

It works exactly as it should, without further comment, home features like password (in paid version) can configure the network name. Once set, you links as well as folders and previously connected devices, management.

Find the necessity

EConnectify very handy? Your computer needs to turn on its Wi-Fi hotspot on how to use, as well as all related devices. So, if you’re a wireless router, seems unnecessary. It is possible that youJust a wired connection at home, or you want to simplify a managed wireless network, but for most people I know, the Connectify Hotspot uses only a small amount of usage.

Having said that, the purpose of ConnectifyHotspot denmozhe to use anyone is that it is quite useful. That’s what sharing files and folders with others in the network through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

If this is for you

Connectify Hotspot is easy to use and does exactly what it claims.I have nothing for it, but if not, it’s perfect.

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