Fake GPS Controller Pro v2 32-Bit download free

Fake GPS Controller Pro v2 32-Bit download free


Fake GPS Pro Controller

Requirements: Android and

This app is designed to support the testing and development of GPS-related applications, but it can also be useful in various other situations. For example, if your GPS readings are incorrect, this application can work around it. Or I can use to save the battery without completely disabling the settings.


– False, mock or spoof your GPS coordinates from any location.

– Simple,Intuitive user interface with integrated plan and search function.

-Najdobar algorithmBetrug in existence.

Many additional features such as:

– Customizable GPS settings.

– Support for rooted device and mock location disabled.

– Mode simulated on foot

General Purpose:

1. Tap the card once on the card and then click “Play” to start the fraud.

2. For best results, set the device’s location mode only to and from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

WhatThere’s something new:

– Added optional overlay GPS status.

– Processed settings screen and refactoredpotsmeva 3 different modes: Basic, Advanced andExpert.

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