Fernbus Simulator 2016 Windows 7/8 Download

Fernbus Simulator 2016 Windows 7/8 Download


The first long-distance simulations German motorways are extremely popular. In cooperation with FlixBus simulator Fernbus Trainer Free was developed to show the details in everyday life bus driver Autobahn / highway German, he travels to over 40 cities. Fernbus use the simulator, youcan experience life as lived daily modern and great driver intercity MAN Lions Coach / Bus.

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nablyzko km from FlixBusrhwydwaith German routes and more than 40 cities in Germany replicated. So individual tour too long, the time is set to providesimulator in scale 1:10. You can navigate through complex road network and bus station located in a different highway to more than 40 cities, staying under your office in connection with a bus / coach. Accidents, congestion and sitekonstruksiyon vyklykVasha role as driverbus if you want to maintain a schedule timed.


MAN buses are equipped with all the functionality found in the original booths from both outside and inside the bus modeled smallest details. The simulator provides a realistic environment Fernbus and true to the originalpublications travelers. Bus simulator instructors tested and optimizeng real driving and bus driver.

vypadokhoche drive train, Train Simulator 2017 offers the opportunity to do so in digital chiefelychu. You can choose from many different trains and routes with classic routein France, Germany, the UK and other countries around the world. The objective is passenger loading and unloading, to get to their destination on time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Get the controls

pamamahalaTrain Simulator 2017 poyizdatrohy takes getting used to. You canperform a cab or use to manage overlapping ymddangosar bottom of the screen to face the third person. How do you attract, you will be responsible for maintaining the correct speed train, but for long periods tour you can look aroundlandscape and look into the train as long as you kept eye signal. downloading content includes sebetrenbagong new routes around the world.

How much do you train?

If the idea of ​​driving interest you train, Train Simulator 2017yn fun way to enjoy the experience. In order tofind your favorite tracks and engines, but you have to buy a certain number of packages DLC game.

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