Google Drive 1 64-Bit

Google Drive 1 64-Bit


Google Drive is a cloud storage and program file management. Here you can download Google Drive for Windows, which allows you to synchronize and upload files from your desktop.

Previously Google has a number of different services, as they are related to one another.Now Google has announced Google Drive, which is integrated in Google Docs, Google +, and storage services on the Internet in one.

While Gmail and Google still separated from the drive, GoogleDokumenti sododavanje renamed to encourage the free 5 GB of online storage. bagaimanaDropbox, add a shortcut to Windows Explorer so youto drag and drop files.

Once added, they are uploaded to your online account. All types of files can be uploaded and then available via the Android app now tersediaatau online. The integration of document storage allows you to work with larger resources such asimages and video clips.

Friends can comment on what shtoDodeluvanje, add another edennivo social interaction. The disc can not be dibandingkanlayanan other cloud storage, but added that Google Account will create a single system easier to use. You can buymore space for additional space if necessary.

Google Drive has a lot of potential, but still no ruanguntuk improvement.

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