How to spot a populist

How to spot a populist

The p-word is much misunderstood. It’s as old as democracy, and has perhaps never been as popular as it is today. So who are the key protagonists?

That’s a vexed question. Populism is usually described as a strategic approach that frames politics as a battle between the virtuous, “ordinary” masses and a nefarious or corrupt elite.

It is time to free the French people from an arrogant elite” – Marine Le Pen

People want to take back control of their countries and they want to take back control of their lives and the lives of their family” – Donald Trump

The European elite has failed, and this failure’s symbol is the European Commission” – Victor Orban

Brexit was about ordinary people rising up to defeat the establishment and we’ve now seen the same happen in the US” – Nigel Farage

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