Internet Explorer 7 32-Bit

Internet Explorer 7 32-Bit


Just when you thought that you would not see another version of Internet Explorer being part of the next glacial period, Microsoft is getting into the world with a powerful approval of the new surfing app.Its was so long ago made that many Internet users get tired of waiting for Microsoft to update the technologyAnd look elsewhere, especially against Firefox.Ngayon big, bad world of the king’s pelayardalam not in the mood to see the crown fought away, but he can not do enough to win it again to run? For sastarters, the new interface has been simplified undoubtedly by pagpapabuti.Microsoft, whichEssentially stripped back to the menu bar and hidden all the tools and functionality in a compact set of icons, is exactly placed in the upper right corner to view the interface.Pinapayagan page in the large-sized near-secureontonan space. IE also decided to support tabbed browsing. It includesIn itself a new button to open the tab in the near future, as well as a quick tab in the Ink tab, who opened a preview of the thumbnails of all open screenat tabs, unlike Firefox, IE-in fact the close button on each tab. Maaari can also save tab groups HomePages, so they all start at startup. We jugamenilai print a preview tool that adjusts the paper size.

IE 7 has improved how it integrates RSS. When you see a site that supports RSS, the icon in the toolbar will become unusualOrange.Mag click here and you will be taken to a page that shows all the channels for sites that are iyon.I just click on the link to add these channels to your paborito.Maaari You can also subscribe by clicking on the star icon on the left. Unlike Firefox, however, there is no drop down,Since each element in the center of the offering Favorites, open by clicking on the star icon is large, divided into favorites, channels and stories. Security is usually one of the weak points of the IE.Bukod’s function in the pop-up blocker, version 7 is also a dish from the anti-phishing filter. Kepadacuba, weDiscovered kilalangphishing published by PhishTank. To our disappointment, the filters do not report most of them. Protection against phishing can not force 7s IE, but at least the browser combines the security of SSL 2.0 and TLS 1. 3. 0 and 0, such as Firefox. For all the improvements, IE is still far fromPerfection. Like Firefox, IE does not pass Acid2 and does not sokonganpamantayan.Natagpuan we update the lag and resistance when opening a new tab in the media and apply the new setting.Maaari can add a large number of bars and search for add-on providers from the Microsoft website, but they are allStill are in the amount less than the Mozilla extensions to Firefox. In addition, IE 7 is limited to the fact that you are using XP SP2 and beberapasebab you need to disable the antivirus and reboot the computer to properly install it.

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