King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Full Watch Movie 1080p HD

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Full Watch Movie 1080p HD

Kral Arthur: The Legend of SwordArthur only know the royal family when she managed to get their hands on their Excalibur revered. Now available with a powerful sword, joined the uprising and overthrow of dictator named Guinevere Vortyhern woman who is under the control of the kingdom.



General Release Date: 11 May 2017

Genre: Action / Fantasy

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Warner Bros. PHOTO

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Berg-Frisbey, Dzhad L, Ddzhimon Haunsu

Director: Hey Richi

Format: 2D

Steal his birthright, Arthur atzealdeanhiriko way to get tough on the streets.But as soon as he pulls a sword from a stone, he was forced to admit his true legacy – he liked it or not. Arthur Young Londonium buttocks work of his team, knowing his royal line while the Excalibur. aurpegiakezpata immediately affected, Arthur had to make a decision. He joinedthe uprising MladzhanNazvanyy Guinevere and dark, magical weapons to deal with their demons and people he met Vortiherna dictator who killed his parents must learn to defeat the man he stole the crown etabere become king.

When a young father Arthur died Vortyhern(Dzhad Lu), Uncle Arthur, take the crown. His by right of birth and has no idea who actually stolen, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam), the hard way back on the streets. But as soon as you pull zuenHarri by the sword, and he made his living preobrashtanadoluVony recognize his true heritage,he likes it or not.

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