MAGIX Video Pro X8 32/64 Bit Download Free PreActivated

MAGIX Video Pro X8 32/64 Bit Download Free PreActivated


MAGIX Video Pro X8 (x64)

MAGIX Video Pro X editing software is perfect for producing videos intuitive and powerful. Award-winning multi-room video editing is geared toward the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unmatched range of powerful post-production tools.

professional video editing

Access detailed editing options, excellent performance and cinematic effects in the picture and sound quality.

video production

Choose from a wide variety of tools to sempurnarekamanYou, asvideo effects, precision measuring instruments and GPU-optimized editing Multicam.

sound editing

A real-time audio mixer, keyframe controls and sample editor-right as well as a ton of effects of broadcast quality offers everything you need to optimize the sound.


Access all the extras such as plug-in NewBlue Looking package, which includes striking color filters and transition effects, or proDAD Mercalli V2 to stabilize image perfectly.

The most important feature:

-SupportformatProfessional (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Edit deputy Scalable for smooth video editing 4K

– Primary and secondary color correction 3-way

– Edit Multicam in up to nine tracks at the same time

– Action comprehensive support

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– Decoding Hardware based HD and UHD for (,)

– NewBlue Look: color filter highest quality for an unforgettable movie

What’s New in MAGIX Video Pro X8:

shooting game

Transfer video featuresvisualsatuanother. The program fits â’rlliw and tonal values ​​of two separate video fully automated.

360 degree camera editing

Video Pro X provides a wide range of options for editing of the film 360-degree camera to date.

4K / Animation Department

Using 4K material parts and precision to make low-resolution picture recording.

NewBlue Film Look Colors:

– Adjust color and light to give your movie a classic look.

– Color Fixer Pro: Adjust the color balance, saturation and kecerahangambar.

-Gradient Tint: Intensify the color using different filters yimage.

– Spotlight: Set the area of ​​the image in question.

– Light Pro: Create a warm glow by adding highlights to the original image.

exposure to advanced features

Detailed color tonal values ​​and correction allows you to edit the individual RGB lights and the appropriate channels.

Modern template title

template new title more than 250 brand has been completely redesigned and has a modern structure lookand.

support OpenFX

You can nowusing OpenFX standard as plug-in directly from fideoeffeithiau Mediapool.


Video Pro X video editing program is the first in the world to support hardware acceleration with Intel ultra-fast.

native support for ProRes

The latest version includes native support for Apple ProRes video codec.

New Version:

* Fixed issue with importing MXF files

* Fixed rare collisions while HEVC export

* Allows minimal elongation objectsTimeline

* Zoom slider in the site/ Dialog sizes can now be used again as usual

* The values ​​in the position / size dialogue Update now playing again when the marker is removed

* Visual Alignment of the position / size-effect on all makes the path (CPU GPU)

* Distortion image stable in the position / size and impact of cuts

* Distortion image rotation and fixed in relation to the impact of cuts

* Connection fixed and the title cut effects

* Fixed crash when using the disabledbackpreviously effect on the demonstration effect

* Tetapbug preventing blank for “Video Level” set keyframes

* Accident Sefydlogpan leaving the way Multicam

* Audio recording is not finished when the ESC key is pressed in other applications

* Fixed a bug that could prevent the first use of the program ending

* Fixed crash in Camera / Zoom Travel Talk

* Fixed crash when changing the number of monitors in place and after standby

* Black frame away in a file proxy if the “croppingVideo “option active

* Fixed crash when loading efektemplate

* Fixed Distortion image (.bmp) with resizing and keyframe

* Fixed a bug where the object is drawn on a closed track, when considering the effects of object / design for this

* Fixed crash when using very long file path

Not * Added an error loading the lookup table is valid

* Fixed crash when loading a table lookup is not supported

* Fixed Project save / load error with tableslookup

* Increase the speed table lookup based on impact

* Fixed a bug in the update previewmemantau when changing table

* Fixed various crashes in gyfrifoyr effects

* Improved quality edge with moving objects

* Fixed a bug can be animated objects (especially the title) compact flash when they left the area visible

* Fixed a bug where the object appeared again briefly in the original position (only if the object has been removed from displaypreviously on the screen)

* The color distortion Effect Brightness / Contrast resolvedif only the start or end of the curve is being moved

* Improved speed for the majority view / Animation Effects

* Fixed bug when loading / storing keyframes for all purposes OpenFX

* Value is corrected wrong in the dialogue when the effects OpenFX disabled or subitems photo effects and restart

* The material can be in the alpha channel disabled chroma key dialog now

* Button Checked stateRestored in brightness and chroma key dialog

* Fixed issue with image stabilization with material Mercalliinterlaced (DVD)

* Full path to proyekfolder in the initial dialog will be displayed again

* Enhanced Itinerary animations (Zoomymddygiad, performance, new maps are added) and eliminate accidents

* Minor corrections to the user interface and localization



  1. MAGIX Video Pro X8 Download
  2. MAGIX Video Pro X8 Download

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