Multi Skype Launcher 1 free download

Multi Skype Launcher 1 free download


Multi Skype Launcher allows you to connect with some Skype accounts simultaneously.

A simple way to run multiple instances of Skype

Usually, they can not perform at the same time more than one copy of Skype, but Skype Launcher allows multi open multiple accounts. For example, you want to connectto your personal account and business account at the same time, you can make Skype Multi Launcher.

Of course, I want to work as plugins, you should not have more than one webcam and microphone for each copy that is open. Note daSkipe many jars do not change the Files Skype – it’s justpatch that changes the behavior of the application and can be removed easily remove it like any other program.

Easy setup

parausando Multi Skype Launcher, you should set it up. The first step is to add more accounts with the Add button. To select a connection and make them clickStart. Multi Skype Launcher, and then automatically link your accounts simultaneously added.

Efficient and lakeupotreba

Multi Skype Launcher is a simple and eficazsolucion need to connect the two accounts Skype.

  1. Multi Skype Launcher 1 x86-x64 download
  2. Multi Skype Launcher 1 32bit-64bit installer Download Free

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