Narendra Modi as a dog tweet investigated by Mumbai police

Narendra Modi as a dog tweet investigated by Mumbai police

Comedian Tanmay Bhat under fire after modifying a picture of the Indian prime minister using popular Snapchat filter

Police in Mumbai have registered a criminal case against a comedian over a tweet of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi modified by Snapchat’s popular dog filter.

The comedy group All-India Bakchod, co-founded by comedian Tanmay Bhat, tweeted the image on Wednesday with the hashtag #wanderlust, an apparent jibe at Modi’s propensity for foreign visits. They later deleted it after intense criticism from supporters of the Hindu nationalist leader.

Everyone please share this picture of Narendra Modi in a Snapchat dog filter & make it go viral. Not a crime in this country to mock the PM.

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PS: Will continue making jokes. And deleting if necessary. And making jokes again. And Apologizing if necessary. Don’t care what you think.

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