Outlast 32-Bit Download

Outlast 32-Bit Download


Longer is the first horror game person to rely on classic amnesia and the season of new feature selections by clicking to give some individuality.

Finally, longer than you need to survive the insanity of violence and death that prevails in the abandoned mental hospital. With odgovarajućimzemljište, excellent control and a lot of buttocks clenched as is the worst game ever made outlast promisesto. Or is it?

Blood, intestines and gore

Live moreLong horrible – in pershii.Hra works well in getting this cipelamaglavni in character, Miles Upshur, and making sure that you have difficulties (which are visible to show). History is common, but it is very effective on the screen, especially for many realistic scenes of blood and gore. Longer life this game is not for cowards: it’s full of violence and really gets under your skin.

SadaTrajati again makes mistakes with never should have been done in anyHorror game: routine. The first place vsenovii, frightening, embarrassing and frustrating and it’s a really awful game, one that makes the hair stand at the end and race the pulse. But after the first attack, longer life slipped into the routine. The “panic” source of prettifast is lost and meaning so every challenge in the game Veather.co.ua bigger bigger changes to summon the same way every time, also, “Come here, activatea button or lever and repetition.”

ThisOutlast linear life is rarely found in GRIDvi free to move, open the door or enter it should not. This linearity has two clear goals: first, to make you afraid. If the control game didn’thave over what you did or where you went, it can not activate some unexpected events thatmake you jump out the iourchair.

The linearity of the drug is that if you pay close attention to the longer life of iou’llsee, it is just a puzzlebig. Each part of the game has some sort of sequence, and if you do not do this chinomto is possible to survive. Identification of “invisible modes” – bits, which include fours crawling, hydrating ormarićili under the bed, avoiding deformedenemies or running to live in intensive pursuit – is the key to progress in the game.

Lastly no longer trying to (or can not) you psychologically terrorized for the first hour. After thisinitial injury,Just outlive the blood of the andmutilation balls, accompanied by some fear, Private over all the scary volume.

That does not always mean bad, because, inter alia, outlast life knows when to activate this sequence and yell at his mother. But, unlike other igarakao amnesia (many links to the game genre) where the fearthroughout completely covered the story and game environment, outlasting just for convenience, “Boo! Scare you!” Moments.

Realistic motion

WrongOne of the most important events ofOutlastiekontrolu them affectthe game. Though other people’s game-play people likeani, our movement on the screen is very real, because the body is handled supporting our thefloor or rounded corners, as we manage and look back, all control transmitrealism, human movement and put you firmly in cipelePoorMiles.

The camcorder will be your instrument only in the game. It serves you to see in the dark using infrared mode,Or when the battery vivikoristovuvati and you have to find the replacement rate. Using bids to outlast while kamerebolnih, though it is unlikely that you will perform with the battery, because the game is balanced to give the level of ioubatteries complexity, when you need them.

Excellent graphics and powerful sound

Longer life benefits from Unreal Engine3. It is also used and generally very good. Better yet, if every computer is middle classCan push to itslimits, but still enjoy vidminnimproduktivnist.

Combineslight and shadow games and infrared camera are amazing effects (Filtering cameras are very realistic) .Krv walls, corpses scattered in good hose spots – and the assome of the most beautiful things you see in your trip – it’s well worth mentioning.

Overall, Longer Life has excellent graphics that overshadow the slightly annoying issues typical of Unreal Engine 3, kaofizički objectsWhich does not exist (curtains that look like walls … Aarrgh)

When it comes to sounding -The Real Star game of horror -Outlast is very strong. Terrifying sounds from other worlds and screams, steps, snapshots, all focused on providing a terrifying experience.


Long live a great game to scare you a bit, and there are times that will take time toforget. All products are amazing, and even though it is a very simple game that does not takeFrom a higher level of dizajna.Control and some prominent scenes.

Is the long live horror game the best of all time? In the end, it depends on who is playing and how much is sensitive. But in any case, if you like the genre, you should definitely provide atri.

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