Photoscape 3.7 download free

Photoscape 3.7 download free


Photoscape is an amazing free photo editor. It includes many filters and special effects tools will find it hard to believe that it’s actually free.

Full features

Photoscape includes almost everything you need to view, optimize, edit, print, izabavlyavatewith your photos. In fact, it was so full that many would call an alternative to Fotoshopslobodni. Of course, this is not quite to the level of Photoshop, but it’s really the best alternative for large blow Adobe- and makes image editing much more fun!


From the main program window you can choose what you want to do: Picture viewing, optimizing those who did not come out so well, print multiple photos in a collage style PageA can add any number of filters and spetsialniefekti included inprogram.

intelligent interfaces

One of the first interesting elements in Photoscape is an amazing form interface yangreka. This application is very interesting and in many ways easier on the eyes than Photoshop.


postoinavistina anything negative to say about Photoscape.Prosto download it,To test this and want to do forever. It’s free!


Supports 34 languages

Added clone stamp (Editor – Tools section) video

Added Paint Brush (Editor – Tools section)

Added color choice (Editors- tool Tab јazicheobјekt)

izbereteuvelichavaPuzzle Puzzle pixel size is selected (Editor – Tools section)

Editor changes – Name Regional section of “regions” under “Tools.”

Added ‘Print Button to browser and editor.

Add 59 icons travel icons 7 face icons and 6 makeup.

Development Services photo (samoES)

nakombiniraat,EXIF information of the first image will be saved.

photo penontonmenunjukkan images in regular sequence (A1, A10, A2, A3 – A1, A2, A3, A10)

Run “Raw converter automatically when you drag a drop in home screen Photoscape.

Support for Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Multiuser support sessions.

prestanatpoddrzhuvaWindows95, 98 and Me. (If you use Windows 98 or Me, please use Photoscape)

Fixed minor bugs.

  1. Photoscape 3.7 Download Free
  2. Photoscape 3.7 download free

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