Pro Pinball v1 download

Pro Pinball v1 download


Pro Pinball (Deluxe Version EU)

Requirements: Android +

Pro Pinball, the most realistic simulation of pinball in the world is back, better than ever! On the first day ULTRA Cost – Pro Pinball: Timeshock!

– Physics engine real pinball!

– Beautiful photo realistic graphics with a resolution of Retina

– Check the ambient light level – playing in the dark with the ultra high dynamic lighting

– Soundtrack with bonus tracks dziesiątkamiciekawych

– Hundreds of top animationquality dot matrixvertoon

-menu operator can completely customize your game and experiment on the table (Deluxe version only)

– Glass-Off mode lets you take a virtual glass from the table and hit the ball around the table with your finger (Deluxe version only)

– A single worldwide high score Leaderboard

– More content packed in many ordinary stołachrazem – multiballs, fashion designer, video mode, paddle, jet bumpers, magnets, drop target, and almost everything you can imagine!

CO ISNuut:

-Bug fix


Mod by KoumKouaT

ÖBB: SDCardAndroidobb copied.


This is my new year olds FB Page thus acquired a new page


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  1. Pro Pinball v1 Windows XP/7/8/10 free download
  2. Pro Pinball v1 64bit REPACK download free

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