Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 download Keygen

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 download Keygen


Thin is the first person to play panic where your only goal is to get eight accounts weakling, paranormal creatures. This follows previous game called Slenderman based on a similar theme, but not nearly as intimidating or achievements.

How to play Kuna egg is slim

The basic premise of the game is more easily come into contact with the poor man quickly drain your sanity. mozhetepa you should carefully look for enemies sanamuda rock and do not forget your flashlight battery is limited,so you have to often save uitgaanom. Furthermore sprint, your stamina to reduce the high level only necessary when you need to sprint.

awesome is that?

Smart does well in creating a rather creepy atmosphere for a very basic game. It feels like you just fakelzvuci of crickets singas paint your way through the forest to search for manuscripts. But the main purpose of the collection of 8 pages of the bill is very limited and so is the game a little.

Controls for the game are simple:Mouse – Look koteW, A, S D – MoveShift left – SprintLeft click – take the car kurasaRightkliek – TochiQ E – Increase / technical issues

Zapomnetekoj WinZip or WinRAR will pack download this game Slender.

Of the original Slender ilikuwailiyotolewa, there has been several series with varying levels of quality. Test their employees Softonic see ergstepersoon, so do not forget to check out how they got on:


Thin eerie fear is a game that is worth isprobatedaliever heard the story just fine man.


Added subtitle game ( “Eight pages”), which differ from future versions.

verbeterdie main menu and can add music to it. It closely links to a range of information poor man YouTube.

Added various light sources (unlocked after once the game).

dodadeninijansi (not very noticeable except light).

run your current speed increase gradually as more pages are collected.

Remove cooldown Endurance recovery after running / sprintingand endurance to reduce the run. when

started jogging / running, but only 5% of your endurance. This will allow you to play or

trkazadie longest time, but make pipes regularly jog / run button causes your endurance

moisture very quickly (effectively getting rid of the old to use).

the maximum distance you see drops as you collect more pages; It’s set in a similar situation

mensedat naukungu off. For the same reason, Distance shadow can no longerexcluded.

dodadeniedna menu option to skip the introduction.

Added pause function, but you can only break if not static (that prevent the ban from the game

in response to seeing swakMAN).

Fixed bug where the torch will try to highlight the page on the other side of the wall.

The removal of one of the secret ways (It was a matter of time, because it is copyrighted material).

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